Fish & Chips

All of our fish is delivered on a daily basis and freshly prepared in a crispy golden homemade batter, fried in pure ground nut oil.
ChipsSmall: £1.80
Large: £2.60
CodMedium: £5.10
Large: £6.50
RockHussMedium: £5.25
Large: £6.60
Skate WingMedium £7.65
Large: £8.95
Middle Cut of Skate£8.95
ScampiWhole Tail£5.25
Cod Roe£1.95
You can also have your fish Grilled!Just ask at the counter£1.00 extra

Louis Fish Specials

2 Mini Cod Special£3.95
3 Mini Cod Special£4.85
Panga Fillet & Chips£5.55
Smoked Haddock & Mozzarella Fish Cake£2.25 each

Southern Fried Chicken

1 Piece Chicken£1.75
2 Pieces Chicken & Chips£3.95
3 Pieces Chicken & Chips£5.15
4 Pieces Chicken & 2 Chips£7.35
6 Pieces Chicken & 2 Chips£9.35
8 Pieces Chicken & 3 Chips£12.95
12 Pieces Chicken & 4 Chips£16.85

Peri-Peri Chicken

Toasted Sesame Seed Buns, Pittas or Wraps filled with flame-grilled Peri-Peri Chicken, salad & mayonnaise
Fillet Breast Chicken Wrap£4.50
Fillet Breast Chicken Burger£4.50
Fillet Breast Chicken PittaLemon & Herb, Medium or Hot Sauce. Double your chicken for only £2 more. Add cheese 25p£4.50

Roast Chicken & Ribs

Whole Chicken£6.95
Half Chicken£4.75
Chicken Leg£2.95
Chicken WingBreast£3.55
6 Chicken Nuggets£2.60
9 Chicken Nuggets£3.25
Pop-in ChickenSmall: £2.95
Large: £3.95
1/2 Rack Pork Belly Ribs in Smokey BBQ Sauce£5.95
Full Rack Pork Belly Ribs in Smokey BBQ Sauce£10.95
Chicken Special: Whole Chicken & 2 Chips£9.95
Chicken Special: ½ Chicken & Chips£6.25

Southern Fried Chicken Special

8 Pieces Chicken, 3 Chips, Bottle of Drink & Curry Sauce£13.80

Pukka Pies & Sausages

All Steak Pie£2.80
Steak & Kidney Pie£2.80
Mince Beef & Onion Piee£2.80
Chicken & Mushroom Pie£2.80
Cornish Pastie£2.55
Cheese & Onion Pastie£1.95
Battered SausageSmall: £1.20
Jumbo SausagePlain or Battered£1.85
Sausage Roll£1.65
Dallon Pancake RollChinese or Curry£1.85

100% Beef Burger

¼ Pound Burger£2.95
¼ Pound Cheese Burger£3.45
¼ Pound Salad Burger£3.45
¼ Pound Cheese & Salad Burger£3.75
½ Pound Burger£4.05
½ Pound Cheese Burger£4.45
½ Pound Salad Burger£4.45
½ Pound Cheese & Salad Burger£4.75
Chicken Steak Burger£3.50
Veggie Burger£3.50
Breast Chick-King Burger£3.85

Something Different

Chicken Curry with Rice£5.95
Spam Fritter£2.45
Spicy Potato£2.10
Curry Sauce on Chips£3.15
Chip Roll£1.95

Kiddies Corner

Mini CodServed in a party box with a soft drink£3.50
Sausage & ChipsServed in a party box with a soft drink£3.50
Chicken Nuggets & ChipsServed in a party box with a soft drink£3.50
Southern Fried Drum Stick & ChipsServed in a party box with a soft drink£3.50

Items Cooked to Order

Spare Ribs
Chicken Curry
Spam Fritters
Apple Pies

Extra Bits

Sauce BottlesHeinz Tomato Sauce, HP Sauce£1.95
Bread Roll & Butter£0.50
Pickled GherkinsWallys£0.50-£0.70
Pickled Onions£0.30
Curry Sauce£1.35
Mushy Peas£1.35
Heinz Sauces£0.30
Hot Apple Pie£1.00
Mars Bar in Batter£1.55

Soft Drinks & Fantastic Thick Shakes

Canned DrinksWe offer a wide selection of soft drinks£1.00
Bottled Drinks1.5L£1.80
Fantastic Thick ShakesVanilla, Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate and many more exciting flavours to choose fromSmall: £2.20
Large: £2.70